Steve “Weeds” Osborn



Hope the Rods you’re building in heaven are even lower.


 Richard “The King” Lohse introduced us in ’07. I had the opportunity to work on some of his cars. He inspired my interest to start the car club. He told me about the “H.A.M.B. DRAGS” and said we have to go. He let Sonny and I take his chopped 1939 Ford sedan to the H.A.M.B. DRAGS and even let us race the car. We had the time of our lives! Steve had a love for the ’47 to ’53 Chevy PU and built some cool customs with the “old school” passion. Wish I had the opportunity to have met him years earlier. He is, and will forever be missed. You will always be a member of the “Boulevard BurnOuts”!


James “Leadfoot” Schrader


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